Apps you absolutely need for your business

Technology is men’s best friend. It facilitates so many aspects of daily life – why not use them to ease your work, too? Only good things will come out of it.

But the choices are endless, and you might feel overwhelmed as to what are the best apps to invest in. Well, don’t worry. Here’s a selection of a few that are really good and, best of all: they are all mostly free.


You can use it to specific tasks. It works like this: you create the tasks and designate them to specific employees (or group of employees). The best part is that everyone can create tasks, attach files, add details. When the tasks are near the due date, reminders are sent, and when they are overdue, notifications come in by e-mail. Perfect to avoid missed deadlines.

Google Agenda

If your team is small, this can be quite useful. Each employee updates their appointments, meetings and vacation days into the agenda and, that way, everyone always know where everyone is. It makes it easier too if you want to set up a meeting with one of the people in your team, because you can already see their slots of free time and work around that.


This is the coolest one by far. With a very young, extroverted vibe, Slack allows you to have a sort of Whatsapp for business, with a whole range of features that ease your life and prevent you from having to call people to talk about professional generalities, or have to walk to them, to ask simple questions, demand information or just check up on things.


The best website for visual content available out there. They have a serious of semi-designed templates for Facebook posts, Instagram, Twitter header, posters, formal letters, CVs – basically all sort of visual content format. Then you can put pictures, add things, do whatever you want. Granted, it is not as versatile as Photoshop, but for someone who’s not a Photoshop specialist, but wants to make cool designs, this is the perfect tool.


The must for newsletters. You can use one of their templates, or create your own in HTML language. It’s a great place to develop your creative when creating engaging newsletters; but the program goes being the mile. It also tracks the results of each newsletter sent, showing number of opens, of clicks, of people who unsubscribe. It’s a really useful communication tool.


Attractive prices for businesses, so far safe, and leaves your most important files in the cloud, preventing a total loss should something happen to your computer or your office. Mind you, there are other good cloud services, although Dropbox is the most reputed one. You can also check OneDrive, from Microsoft.


Known by most for personal use, Evernote can be a really great tool for businesses too. What if you have an incredible idea while you’re in another country? Just create a note about it, and your team can see it, comment, upload relevant files, exchange data to see if it can work or not.


For business men who travel a lot, this is a must. It not only allows you to have a clear, precise itinerary of your business trip, but also provides weather updates, maps and directions to where you need to go.


To keep track of how much you spent when in a business trip, and to keep track of how much your employees are spending when they travel on the company’s name, Expensify is a wonderful asset. It allows you to scan receipts with your phone’s camera, and upload it to a central database.

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