How to organize your office’s Christmas party

Have you decided everything for your company’s Christmas party? Do you have all the details? Such as where, what, how… ? Start-in-Brussels has thought about it and is more than glad to share a few tips with you. First of all, you might want to figure out what your budget is. This will determine all the rest. Having 1000€ as a budget is very different than 7000€… Once you know, you work from there.


Choosing the location: Some people will tell you to choose the date first but if you do, you might find many locations booked… Why not choose several dates on Fridays or Saturdays and then choose your favorite location depending on their availability? You mustn’t forget to visit that location (the space, parking lot, transportations, employees… all have their importance) and check with them for catering, drinks, cleaning up… to avoid any bad surprises.

Choosing a walking dinner or sitting dinner: For the walking dinner, you might want to choose a large and varied buffet which could make everyone happy (such as gluten free, meat free, garlic free… dishes) or, if you are planning a sitting dinner, make sure people have three choices (meat, fish, vegan). More and more people have intolerances or special diets. Bear in mind you can’t make everyone happy but at least, they might notice the effort.

Entertainment: Once you have made your choices, you can finally think about the music and other entertainment. No matter if you have a large staff/company or not, you might need to plan some enternaiment such as awards (this could be a fun way to thank people for their hard work), photographers, games (depending if you are planning the Christmas party during the day or evening: murder mystery, air hockey, karaoké…). You can also book a DJ for the night! The aim being that your staff blows off some steam.

The keywords for this is “organization”. You might want to keep in mind you will always have unsatisfied guests who will say their soup wasn’t warm enough, the desserts were too sweet and the music too loud. In any case, just keep calm and have fun!

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