The Perfect Company Gift

It’s almost Christmas and you are wondering what gift to get for your staff, your clients or your partners? What about the Christmas Beer Box from Belgibeer? Tested and approved!


Difficult to know what exaclty to get your staff to thank them for their hard work and devotion? Or your clients for their trust in your company? Maybe the answer is easier than you think: a gift box. Not one of those impersonnal ones. We were thinking about the Christmas Beer Box from Belgibeer.

The first thing you should know about this Beer company is that they are artisanal oriented, meaning they only deal with craft beer breweries, the ones we barely hear about. Running from one craft brewery to another, making sure they get the most special craft beer possible for their customers, their monthly selections are quite irresistible.

For Chistmas, they have this perfect beer box which can only make everyone happy. Inside, you will find four amazing beers you get to taste, a beer glass, a beer magazine to know everything about their selection, a personnalized greeting card and six tasty chocolates with different flavors from the brand Dolfin. In other words, this beer box will seduce anyone in your company. The price for this offer is 16,90€ (excluding VAT) which lowers to 14,90€ if you order over 20 Christmas boxes. Interested yet?

If you wish the boxes to be delivered before Christmas, you might want to order them very soon… Until then, we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


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