How to make an interviewee feel at ease

In the previous blog, it was mentioned that it’s important to make the job applicant feel at ease when they come in for the interview, which would essentially help with validity. How exactly can you do this? Well, the process starts before the interview even takes place.


First and foremost, try to greet the candidate at the reception and present yourself in an equal manner. At this point in time, you are just two individuals that are not yet subordinate or superior to one another.

Start the conversation off with an open subject. (For example, asking them how their trip to the office was or how’s the weather, etc.) This question shouldn’t have any right or wrong answers and it shouldn’t be job or interview related.

When you walk them up, you do not want them to follow you because this creates a psychological hierarchy; you want them to walk next to you.

It is nice to offer them a glass of water before the interview begins. If they get a dry throat during the interview then they will be safe with the glass of water you gave them.

It is good to inform them that you will be taking notes and it is just to remember what they said, meaning you are not marking down right or wrong answers. This will serve as a guide to recalling what was said during the interview. After this clarification, the interviewee won’t be wondering and worrying what you are writing down.

It is good practice to mention the length and stages of the interview as this will reduce any ambiguities and unnecessary uncertainties.

Lastly, start the interview off with an open question that is job-related (for example, ‘Why did you choose to apply for this job?’)

Hopefully, these few tips will help make your next few interviews better for your potential future employees!

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