How to make an interviewee feel at ease

In the previous blog, it was mentioned that it’s important to make the job applicant feel at ease when they come in for the interview, which would essentially help with validity. How exactly can you do this? Well, the process starts before the interview even takes place.


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Don’t fall into these traps when interviewing potential job candidates!

At one point or another, you want to expand your business. You will look for potential job candidates and you’ll need to evaluate them. There are some tips and tricks that will make you a better interviewer to make sure that you get the team you deserve.


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Shortcuts when Judging Others

Have you ever walked down the street and saw someone dressed well, walking confidently and instantly assume – “he’s probably rich and successful.” That may be the case or conversely you may be wrong.people-699160_1280

This is a shortcut used when judging others, and although it can be accurate, it doesn’t mean that it always is. We’ve all heard the phrase, “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Let’s see what other shortcuts one should watch out for. Continue reading Shortcuts when Judging Others

What’s Basic Income?

You may have recently read about Finland being the first country to pay a free basic income to some randomly-selected citizens across their nation.


For those unfamiliar with the terminology, think of basic income as a paycheck you get every month for free (in addition to your work paycheck (if you receive one)), just so you can afford the basic necessities. The notion is that it should provide security and inspire people to improve their lives.

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Healthier for 2017

With New Year’s celebrations behind us, there is often a spike in gym memberships. One resolution that people like to make is getting fit, or losing weight, or just being more healthy in general.



Either way, regular exercise is great for the body and mind and today we’ll talk about why you should (if you do not already) get a weekly dose of physical exercise.

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The Perfect Company Gift

It’s almost Christmas and you are wondering what gift to get for your staff, your clients or your partners? What about the Christmas Beer Box from Belgibeer? Tested and approved!


Difficult to know what exaclty to get your staff to thank them for their hard work and devotion? Or your clients for their trust in your company? Maybe the answer is easier than you think: a gift box. Not one of those impersonnal ones. We were thinking about the Christmas Beer Box from Belgibeer.

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How to organize your office’s Christmas party

Have you decided everything for your company’s Christmas party? Do you have all the details? Such as where, what, how… ? Start-in-Brussels has thought about it and is more than glad to share a few tips with you. First of all, you might want to figure out what your budget is. This will determine all the rest. Having 1000€ as a budget is very different than 7000€… Once you know, you work from there.


Choosing the location: Some people will tell you to choose the date first but if you do, you might find many locations booked… Why not choose several dates on Fridays or Saturdays and then choose your favorite location depending on their availability? You mustn’t forget to visit that location (the space, parking lot, transportations, employees… all have their importance) and check with them for catering, drinks, cleaning up… to avoid any bad surprises.

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What are your work resolutions for 2017?

You don’t have any work resolutions for this next year? You don’t even know where to start with it? By the end of the year, all the tiredness seems to settle into your body and mind. We might not have the answer about how to get rid of it, but we can help you avoid this much tiredness for the next year by sharing three great tips with you.


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Gender Pay Gap

By Raphaëlle McAngus 4th November 2016

Are you aware of salary differences between women and men? Even though many things have improved over the years, a pay gap still remains between both genders. And if you start your business in Brussels, you might want to know a few things to avoid any surprises.


It’s no secret. We all know the existence of this pay gap between women and men which varies from one country to another. Many studies were conducted to understand this gap, such as the University of Michigan Law School which examined this wage gap while matching men and women for possible explanatory factors such as occupation, age, experience, education, childcare, average hours worked and other factors. After accounting for all this, women were paid 81.5% of what men “with similar demographic characteristics, family situations, work hours, and work experience” were paid. Surprised?

Even though efforts were made, we must warn you that the Act of July the 12th 2013 concerns the amendment of legislation on the fight against the pay gap between men and women in Belgium. What does it mean? It means that, as an employer, you are required to establish a detailed analysis report about the structure of remuneration within your business and fill it every two years. The aim being to avoid this pay gap.

Researches were conducted last year and led to some frightening numbers: it appears that there is still a contrast between men and women’s salary according to the DGS, Enquête sur la Structure et la Répartition des Salaires (Survey of the structure and distribution of wages). If some say the gap wage on a monthly salary basis in 2012 in Belgium was down to 7%, some might say the numbers are still too high as there shouldn’t be a gap in the first place. If there is a conflict on why this all begun, some saying it’s due to men negotiating harder their salary during the hiring, other basing their researches on social factors, the problem still remains.

So if you are planning to start your business in Brussels, make sure you have it all in mind. As an employer, you might find yourself walking on egg shells. It might be wise to consider paying your employees, women and men, on the same basis in order to avoid any conflict or drastic problems on a gender level.