Business Etiquette and Cultural Differences

Being the heart of Europe, it comes to no surprise that Brussels is very culturally diverse. You can find people of many different nationalities speaking different languages. One of the reasons is because the open border policy within the EU helps foreigners come start businesses in Belgium. In addition, Belgium hosts the headquarters of both the European Commission and NATO.

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Is Belgium a welcoming country?

Given the fact that this is a disturbingly subjective question, the best way to give an impartial answer would be to present some statistics. There is indeed a list out there ranking the most welcoming countries, released by the World Economic Forum on 2013 (done during the two previous years), and not updated since. So maybe reality has changed since then. But based on their results, it is possible to say that yes, Belgium is a welcoming country… just not the most one.

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Why are you in Brussels ?

Brussels, with its strategic location in the heart of Europe, has a long history of hosting many of the institutions that make up the European Union in an area of the city known as the European quarter. The most important institutions of the European Union base their operations there, including the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament.

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 There’s no doubt about it: mess leads to stress. If you have a pile of unopened mail, a sink full of dirty dishes and papers cluttering up your workspace, it can be hard to focus on finishing your work or even on what makes you happy. Disorganization can create anxiety and stress in a variety of ways:


Why State Administration in Belgium can be a nightmare !

There is no doubt that Belgium is a multicultural and multilingual nation, a true reflection of its history within the framework of Europe. As a result, it also has one of the most complex political systems of the countries in Europe. Ministers and government officials are spread out across several distinctive parliaments and regional governments.

With many different communities to represent, it should come as no surprise that the Belgian government has a complicated task of effective management. Navigating the state administration system in Belgium can be as hard for natives of the country as it is for new immigrants!

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