Virtual offices or real offices in Brussels, what to choose ?

A virtual office in Brussels is an innovative service, dedicated to companies that do not need an office space every day. Such a service usually includes: a prestigious address for the company’s correspondence; administration of postal and electronic correspondence; dedicated telephonic line; personalized phone answering; rental of meeting rooms; access to fax, scanners, printers and copy machines; legal address for registering the company. A monthly tax is required, normally for more than 6 months. The purpose of virtual offices is to help entrepreneurs who wish to work from home, or at distance, and still provide a professional image for their business.

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Business taxation in brussels ?

Belgium is a founding member of the European Union, hosting a large part of its institutions. This, it plays an important role for the European and international politics. It is industrially developed and economically prosperous. Moreover, Belgium has a very developed business and services industry.  The country is divided into three parts: Flanders, Wallonia and Brussels – the capital. With almost one million inhabitants, Brussels is an economic and governmental center. It is a truly cosmopolite city and the administrative headquarters of the EU.

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Why an accountant in Brussels ?

Many small businesses make the mistake of adopting a do-it-yourself approach when it comes to accounting including tax matters. While the DIY approach may be viable in business matters like choosing the suppliers, making the marketing plans, and hiring the employees, it is not as viable for accounting matters mainly because of the legal consequences involved. Here then are a few of the reasons why owners of small businesses like yourself should act on hiring an accountant in Brussels.

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Lobbies In Brussels ?

The now-prevalent practice of Brussels lobbying inexistent before the late 1970s; so-called diplomatic lobbying at the highest levels of the bureaucratic hierarchy was the norm then. Few lobbyists were in the system while representative offices were hardly used by the lobbyists for their purposes. And then in 1979, the first direct election of the European Parliament occurred, thus, paving the way for the explosion of Brussels lobbies that remain strong today.

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Business administrative penalties in Belgium !

a) End to the 309% penalty. Belgium used to have a law against business owners who made private expenses look professional and eventually have their companies pay for it. These operations called “secret commissions” used to be penalized by increasing the contested amount by 309% and added it as a professional income. By doing so the administration would increase your taxable base, forcing your company to pay a higher taxation upon your profits.

Nowadays, the penalty became redundant. The administration will simply use it if they are unable to determine your private advantages as a benefit from your company. The company will not be able to deduct the expenses as “professional” and the business owner will be taxed as a personal income for the amount of benefits received.

Belgian administration in english ?

Especially for the many English speaking foreigners that come to Belgium to work or live here for a certain period of time, addressing the many French and Dutch speaking administrative services can quickly result into frustration. The amount of information available on the internet provided by the many Belgian public services and departments is limited :

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Why administration can be a nightmare in Belgium ?

There is no doubt about Belgium being a multicultural and multilingual nation, a true reflection of its history within the framework of Europe. As a result, it also has one of the most complex political systems of the countries in Europe. Ministers and government officials are spread out across seven distinctive parliaments and a dozen regional governments.

With many different communities to represent, it should come as no surprise that the Belgian government has a complicated task of effective management. Navigating the state administration system in Belgium can be as hard for natives of the country as it is for new immigrants!
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Brussels is an enormously diverse city with many places of interest. With so many parks, city squares, historic buildings, museums and monuments to choose from, you may wonder what you can accomplish if you are visiting for just a day. These top-rated traveler suggestions, all within walking distance from one another, can help you maximize your short stay and give you a sample of what Brussels has to offer.