Invoices: how to legally expostulate and avoid court.

It is not unusual in Belgium to be charged a little extra for services and/or equipment previously purchased via an agent or reseller.

The advantages for such purchases reside in cheaper, faster and deductible VAT expenses. The disadvantages: a financial mismatch between what was agreed before the deal and the actual amount quantified on the invoice which the buyer receives.


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Why relocating your business (and life) in Brussels is a good thing in 2012!

A metropolis of 1 million, Brussels, Belgium is home to more than 2,000 foreign companies, including IBM, Coca-Cola, and Toyota, and for good reason: the cities commitment to multilingualism and higher education, as well as its centralized location (which makes business travel a breeze,) are just a few of the reasons why companies are trading in their pricey office space and relocating to the home of the Mannekin Pis.
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