Is Belgium a welcoming country?

Given the fact that this is a disturbingly subjective question, the best way to give an impartial answer would be to present some statistics. There is indeed a list out there ranking the most welcoming countries, released by the World Economic Forum on 2013 (done during the two previous years), and not updated since. So maybe reality has changed since then. But based on their results, it is possible to say that yes, Belgium is a welcoming country… just not the most one.

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How to become a real Belgian ?

Stricter legal conditions for obtaining Belgian citizenship.

The 28 June 1984 Code on the Belgian nationality (“the Nationality Code”) determines how Belgian citizenship can be obtained. A stricter version has been adopted and published in the Belgian Official Gazette on 14 December 2012. Major changes will enter into force as from the first of January 2013:

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