On what to base your hiring

By Raphaëlle McAngus 4th November 2016

Almost ready to launch your business but stuck on the next step: hiring? If you are wondering on what to base your hiring, these few tips will come on handy and almost make you an expert on questions such as: What qualities to look for or how to negotiate the salary.


First thing you would want to do is make a list of the top qualities you are seeking in a candidate accordingly to their future position in your company. Many researches led us to believe you might want a dynamic person in the selling department to deal with clients, fast people for the administrative part as you will not have time to deal with dead-lines, payrolls etc, or you might need a calm and relaxed person in the after-service department to deal with angry customers.

If we deepen the subject, the top qualities you need to look for are meanly linked to the skills and human contact. The way your candidate analyses a situation is crucial. Your employee will have to be able to deal with a situation. Although, bear in mind there are always new skills to acquire. No one knows everything in one go so you might want to be a little indulgent and seek for his or her potential. Regarding the human contact part, it is difficult to say it is more important than skills but if you have a great employee who is very dedicated to the job, the fact that he or she is abhorrent with the other colleagues might affect your staff’s dynamic… and you do not want your other employees to leave one by one.

On the salary level, you might want to ask how much the candidate is willing to accept and be clear that a salary evolution is always possible later on. Usually, candidates understand the difficulties you may encounter when starting your business and are willing to work for a low salary at first. But you must also acknowledge the professional past of your candidate as it is an indicator of his or her reliability. You should also note whereas your candidate arrives early or late to the appointment. Check the attitude, the way they dress-up and don’t forget to ask as much questions as possible about their previous job; you don’t want any bad surprises.

We often hear that the first impression is the best one but you might want to take a step back and sleep on it. But in any case, you should trust your guts. Trusting yourself in hiring the perfectly capable person to do the job is a must.  Now, you are good to go!